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Kimye’s Matching Deep-V Suits Were The Best Thing About Their Wild, Over-The-Top Rehearsal Dinner

Kimye’s Matching Deep-V Suits Were The Best Thing About Their Wild, Over-The-Top Rehearsal Dinner I have a deep, deep case of Kardashian Wedding Envy right now. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly getting married today in Florence, Italy, and the weekend so far has been the most wildly over-the-top thing the world has ever seen. It isn’t subtle, but it sounds like so much fun. From her Eiffel Tower bachelorette party to a pre-rehearsal dinner brunch at Valentino’s giant French castle, everything about this wedding just seems like the fanciest thing in the world. (I would even want to go to her weird, French-themed bridal shower.) orange prom dresses With every installment, the wedding events are getting more and more opulent, and we are getting down to the wire now, folks. Last night was the official Kimye rehearsal dinner, and all their beautiful and famous guests were driven to Versailles, which had been closed early so they could have the place to themselves. According to Us Weekly, everyone was greeted with Champagne and caviar and given a private tour of Versailles. (It must be nice to get to see Versailles while not crammed between 1,000 selfie-taking tourists just like you, which is how I saw it the last time I was there.) Rachel Roy posted the above Instagram picture of the Hall of Mirrors, where an orchestra in 18th-century costume was set up to play for everyone. This is already sounding like the best party in the history of the world, and it was just their rehearsal dinner. The actual wedding is not until tonight. Luckily for us, Valentino president Giancarlo Giammetti was photographing the whole thing: In addition to the costumed orchestra, Lana Del Rey performed, and Giammetti said she was “magnificent.” Then Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani and Valentino hung out on the steps. But by far the best part of the night was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s matching suits. Kim’s Maison Martin Margiela dress was gorgeous, white, and clung to her figure by some kind of magic. Kanye’s was camel-colored and accessorized with a gold chain. Both had satin lapels and necklines that plunged all the way to the waist, and I love them, especially Kim’s. (Nothing against Kanye’s pecs, but that sort of cut was pretty much made for a chest like Kardashian’s.) Kanye and Kim have been dressing up in matching outfits a lot lately, and we like it. Considering this wedding has basically been a big, haute couture fashion show up to this point, we genuinely cannot wait to see The Dress tonight. sweetheart prom dresses They need certainly not specially take away his or her enough time to get a handbags; they'll sequence one particular when using the convenience an arm office chair within their area. This mentor purse can be purchased in a large number of designs- sq .cheap juicy couture tracksuits, around, plump or elsewhere, they're also for sale in countless colours- adult males like darkish together with black colored whilst women of all ages prefer to purchase them suiting along with of these costume. Juicy couture stays ahead of all its opponents in terms of selling brand new objects thus to their consumers from competitive.


kim kardashian poses in bridal style gown

Kim Kardashian has been preparing for her wedding to Kanye West by posing in a very bridal-looking dress.

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After posting not one but three selfies of her gym-honed abs, Kim returned to Instagram, to share pictures of herself in front of the wall of roses Kanye gave her for Mother’s Day.

“There's a wall of roses in my backyard what else am I supposed to do?!? #ImpromptuPhotoshoot,” wrote Kim. “Stop and smell the roses.”

While Kim looked stunning in the backless, blush pink dress, will she opt for a similar style and her and Yeezy’s wedding? Only time will tell.
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Mark Morris special-needs students attend a prom of their own

For many, high school prom is a teenage rite of passage. It’s an excuse for girls to get their hair done, for boys to rent a tux, and it’s often anticipated long before spring arrives. Earthstock (image:sequin prom dresses) But for the more than 700 students that gathered at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom on Friday, it was more about coming together in a safe environment. Earthstock, a nonprofit organization, has been hosting an annual prom for special-needs students for more than 20 years. Tony Nitz, Earthstock’s organizer, held the first prom in 1992 at a high school gym. Using his personal stereo as a makeshift DJ booth, Nitz entertained 60 attendees with coloring and gaming stations. Since then, the number of prom goers has swelled to more than 700 attendees, and it continues to grow. Friday, seven students from Mark Morris High School joined the late-morning dance party in Portland, which kicked off promptly at 10 a.m. It’s the first time Mark Morris has participated in Earthstock, said Lisa Packard, a special education teacher at the high school. The kids sharpened their dance moves all week in preparation for prom day, Packard said, perfecting such routines as the “YMCA,” the cupid shuffle and the chicken dance. “It’s just an opportunity they wouldn’t be able to have to feel accepted,” Packard said. Yoselin Leon, a senior at Mark Morris, twirled with her dance partner. Nearby, Logan Bean, a freshman at Mark Morris, stomped his feet to the beat of the music. Nitz said the prom provides “an opportunity to have a safe environment where they can go and have fun.” “I knew that if kids with special needs, kids who had the ability to be laughed at or teased — even behind their back — they would be,” he said. “This (prom) doesn’t have that. This is a just a great opportunity for them.” Earthstock invites students from ninth grade through age 21. The cutoff age is older than that of a traditional senior in high school because some students attend public transition programs offered to continue their education through age 21, Nitz said. The day’s setup was similar to a traditional prom. Students mingled, danced and snapped pictures at a photo booth. Some prom goers wore jeans and a simple tee, while others opted for more traditional prom wear — button-up shirts and ties for the boys and floor-length dresses for the girls. Will Groulx, a paralympian who competes in wheelchair rugby, made a guest appearance at the prom. “Having a celebrity that has some tie, some relationship with the other students is huge,” Nitz said. The Crystal Ballroom added to the students’ prom experience. The ballroom’s famous “floating” floor introduced a new way for some students to dance and perceive the music and movement around them. Nitz said students in a wheelchair who dance mostly using their upper body are able to feel the vibration coming from the floating floor below. The unique mechanics of the floor benefit other students as well, he said, including those who are deaf. “A student who’s deaf can’t hear the music, but can feel the vibration from the music. Now they’re not only feeling a vibration in the music, they’re feeling that floor because everyone else is bouncing on that floor,” Nitz said. “It’s an amazing piece of construction.” In addition to providing the students a safe space to mingle, it also provides them the opportunity to learn social skills and the opportunity to interact beyond the classroom. “I think it’s just giving them some confidence and some opportunity,” Nitz said. “That’s a big part of it.” read more at prom dresses under 100

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